Quem não ouve a melodia acha maluco quem dança

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No momento em que hesita, a fraqueza se espalha 
O momento em que desiste, é o momento em que falha 
E a partir disso o fim vem rápido como um soco na cara.

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"Nos dias mais sombrios, o Senhor coloca as melhores pessoas na sua vida."
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POZ Track-By-Track: Red City Radio - Titles



Red City Radio will be releasing Titles on October 15th, and we’re celebrating the release a little early by having the band as our Artist Of The Week. Today we’re premiering a Track-By-Track feature for Titles written by Paul Pendley. Pre-order Titles here via Paper + Plastick Records check out the feature below!

Something we’ve always shied away from is getting too specific with the exact meaning of the lyrics in our songs. We always felt that lyrics are mainly interpretive and can mean different things to different people. But since the nature of this piece is the exact opposite of that sentiment I will try to walk a fine line here. Results are guaranteed to be mixed.

Two Notes Shy Of An Octave
It’s inevitable that in your life you will meet some less than genuine people. What makes this a particularly painful experience is when you think you know a person, you get close, you trust them with things you don’t normally share and then they turn out to be the exact kind of person that makes people erect emotional walls. This song is a reaction to that realization.

A Version Of Events
This is an easy one. It’s about a relationship that has deep and profound meaning for both people yet has hit that crossroads all relationships must brave. Do we make this work? Or do we cut bait and go home? It’s partially based on the first house my wife and I rented and our time there. We decided to stick it out and everyday I am thankful we did.

Show Me On The Doll Where The Music Touched You
A song about eschewing doubt and naysayers. About belief in self and the power of perseverance. Simply put, this song is about not giving a flying fuck about why someone says you shouldn’t do something and doing it because you know it’s right. Word.

Joy Comes With Morning
This song was inspired by a dream Garrett had. And lyrically the nuts and bolts of it come from that. The rest is simply “writing what you know” and anyone who knows us well knows that “making our way to the patio” is a common occurrence. Also as much as he doesn’t want to admit it we all think this is a love song to his girlfriend. Or perhaps not. 

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It’s hard to find your way through the darkness,
it’s hard to know what to believe.
But if you live by your heart and value the love that you find,when you have all you need.

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Live your heart and never follow by Sucess Kid!


Live your heart and never follow by Sucess Kid!

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Quem disser que a solidãoNão planeja seus golpesDesconhece-lhe os fins.

Quem disser que a solidão
Não planeja seus golpes
Desconhece-lhe os fins.

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#Dance Of Days 

prefiro ser o chato que sempre diz o que pensa quando quer do que me maquiar pra agradar a maioria

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we get up early, we come home tired

our lives for hire, we’re making money for someone else

can’t breathe like there’s hands around my throat

can’t scream this place is filled with ghosts

everybody’s looking for something

can’t leave or we’re left with nothing

clap your hands do the dead man shuffle

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